Infused with energizing essences gold neroli toner day refreshes, vitalizes and stimulates a radiant, healthy complexion.
Helps to activate your skin's own energy system and protects the perfect natural ph-balance of your skin
Use whenever skin needs extra moisture or an aromatic boost. A must for frequent travellers.

Perfectly suited for post-surgical skin care. Allergy-tested.

GOLD NEROLI TONER DAY / 150ml, 5.1oz

SKU: 230052

  • Aqua [spring water]
    Aloe barbadensis [aloe extract]
    Salt of Himalaya
    veg. Glycerin [vegetable Glycerin]
    Citrus aurantium amara [neroli / bitter orange-flower extract]
    JLGE® [julisis liquid gold essence]

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