Gold has a revitalizing and harmonizing effect on our energy system.
This formulation with the purest essences of gold and red ruby deeply moisturizes and protects our skin against the elements. The results are a healthy, toned complexion and a radiant appearance.

Perfectly suited for post-surgical skin care. Allergy-tested.
Start: SUNday (morning)

GOLD ELEXIR DAY / 30ml, 1oz

SKU: 230014
  • Aqua [spring water]
    Alcohol [bio alcohol]
    veg. Glycerin [vegetable Glycerin]
    JLGE® [julisis liquid gold essence]
    Natrii alginas [Algae]
    Acidum sorbicum [Sorbic Acid]
    Crataegus monogina [Hawthorne]
    Sanguisorba officinalis [Great Burnet]
    Leonurus cardiaca [Motherworth]
    Melissa officinalis [Lemon Balm]
    Hypericum perf. [St. John's Wort oil]
    Rosa gallica [Provence Rose]
    Rosmarinus officinalis [Rosemary]
    Crocus sativus [Saffron]
    Citrus aurantium [Bigarade Orange]
    Citrus reticulata [white Tangerine]
    Pelargonium graveolens [Geranium]
    JLRE® [julisis liquid ruby essence]

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